About SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery - 瀬戸内醸造所株式会社

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SETOUCHI JOZOJO is a winery located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. In front of the Seto Inland Sea, we make wine and apple cider using local grapes and apples.

“JOZO” means brewing and “JO” means place. In Japanese, the word “JOZO” is used to express sake and wine making. SETOUCHI JOZOJO is a Japanese wine maker, but the English notation of the company name as “Setouchi Brewery” is easily mistaken for a sake brewery, so it is written as “SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery” on this site.


Thoughts on business

The nature, climate, culture.
and people’s activities of Setouchi are all put into this one bottle of wine.

Setouchi, with its many sunny days, is actually one of Japan’s leading grape-producing regions that has been around for a long time. However, the SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery does not make wine that only tastes the Setouchi grapes and the maker’s commitment.It is not a winery that only sells wine.

It is sandwiched between Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and has an archipelago centered on the inland sea, forming a unique natural environment with the sea, islands, mountains, and rivers.

It is a land that attracts people from all over the world as a region where the original scenery of Japan, such as the unique climate, topography, environment, culture, and townscape that is born from it, is condensed.


SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery does not only produce Setouchi grapes, but also weaves all of them through brewing. Nature, climate, culture, people’s lives, all of which are unique to Setouchi.

A story about the unique Setouchi food that has been cultivated in the land of Setouchi. The SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery creates products that express the Setouchi terroir.

A wine that takes you on a trip to Setouchi in your mouth. A winery that invites you to Setouchi by visiting it.
From the SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery, we will deliver to all over Japan and the world in Hiroshima.

Facility information


Connected by the shipyard ruins,
Original scenery of Setouchi.

The SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea, where ships of all sizes come and go, and the lush green mountains.
From the entrance sandwiched between the brewery building and the restaurant building, the axis runs straight toward the Seto Inland Sea. A place surrounded by stories unique to the site of a former shipyard, which was the main industry of Setouchi…

We have created a space that conveys that worldview.
In the facility, you can see the ingenuity of “the building cuts out the scenery and emphasizes the beauty”.
You can actually tour the premises and feel the time flowing in the original scenery of Setouchi.

There is a winery, wine shop and restaurant on site. We are closed irregularly, so please contact us in advance if you plan to visit us. The restaurant opens only for reservations of 10 people or more.
Please make a reservation about 2 – 3 weeks in advance.


SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery wine information

The Seto Inland Sea climate is warm with little rain and lots of sunshine. Blessed with a mild climate, Setouchi is dotted with historic grape-producing areas such as Mihara and Takehara in Hiroshima.
Among them, the SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery has been working to create wine that expresses the various differences of the Setouchi region, such as the soil, topography, and vegetation, as individuality.
If you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy the light and fruity taste of the Setouchi climate (terroir).

SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery’s wine is a straightforward sake that expresses the individuality of the fruit.
It has a gentle taste that goes well with Japanese cuisine, including vegetables and seafood from the Seto Inland Sea.

SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery’s wines are great as souvenirs and gifts, but they also brighten up everyday meals.
You can enjoy it in various scenes of your life.


SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery has three brand lines of wine. Summarize the characteristics of each line.
You can see the list currently on sale here (our online shop).
Sorry, currently only Japanese.


SETOUCHI Hare series

Setouchi Winery’s flagship wine. Setouchi’s climate is often sunny, celebrations and anniversaries, and “hare” days, including rewards for yourself.The name of the series reflects our desire to make the most of the characteristics of the land and to be the wine that is chosen for special occasions.
Each wine name is composed of the harvest year, production area, and variety of grapes. It plays a role in imagining the taste of wine. The fun of discovering your favorite harvest year and production area is also the charm of the “Hare series”.

“Hare” means sunny weather in Japanese. It is also an ancient word meaning celebration.


SETOUCHI Umi series

The emerald green sea, the quiet calm that comes in the morning and evening, the scenery of the endless islands…
If you take a sip, the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea spreads out before you. It is a line that embodies the concept of the Setouchi Winery, “Travel the Setouchi with taste.” It is a series that “creates the scenery of Setouchi”, centering on wines made from western grapes grown mainly in the Setouchi region.
Please enjoy not only the taste of wine, but also the color and brewing concept together with your meal.

“Umi” means sea.


SETOUCHI Ringo series

Although it is not well known in Japan (Nagano and Aomori prefectures are famous for apple production), apple production areas spread out in the mountains of Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures. With the Chugoku Mountains in the background, the cool mountainous area contrasts sharply with the climate of the coastal areas of the Seto Inland Sea. The taste of apples, which makes use of the temperature difference between morning and evening, is highly evaluated.
Here is a series that connects such valuable apples with Setouchi and gives more people the opportunity to taste them.

“Ringo” means apple.

Experience the SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery


Travel to feel the wine terroir of Setouchi.

An important aspect of wine is to be able to feel the terroir of the region. Also, in wine tourism, it is important to be able to actually visit the vineyards of the region and feel the history and natural conditions of the region while being guided by the winemaker.

In this project, we will offer wine tour for inbound tourists to experience guided tours of our vineyards with the farmers in Mihara, and experience a growing ember meal made with local ingredients along with wine pairings.

Japanese wine hasn’t known well in the world yet.
This is thought to be because people still do not know where and how Japanese wine is produced. On the other hand, inbound tourists prefer wine because they are accustomed to drinking it, and we believe the importance of Japanese wines that express the terroir of the region is growing. In order to fill these gaps, we believe it is important to actually offer wine tourism in the form of storytelling about vineyards, winemaking facilities, and the history of the region. What is the terroir of the Setouchi region like?

We will create a program for this project as a product that shows what characteristics of the Mihara and Takehara are like, and how the SETOUCHI JOZOJO Winery’s wine is made.

SETOUCHI JOZOJO winery Vineyard BBQ Experience.


For this tour only, enjoy the SETOUCHI JOZOJO winery restaurant barbecue menu at the vineyard.

In early spring, we will burn the pruned branches of grape seedlings in our own field and prepare wood-fired dishes using ingredients from the sea and mountains of Setouchi.

SETOUCHI JOZOJO winery restaurant is based on the concept of “Setouchi cuisine that goes well with SETOUCHI JOZOJO winery’s wine”, and offers course meals that incorporate elements of various cuisines, including Japanese cuisine, based on Western cuisine.

This is how we think of “Setouchi cuisine”. Dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients and freshness can only be possible at a suburban restaurant close to the production area.

The gentle taste of the food goes well with the SETOUCHI JOZOJO winery’s wine. The proximity of mountains and seas is a characteristic of Setouchi.

Please enjoy not only seafood from Setouchi, but also seasonal delicacies from the mountains.

This photo is an image. The menu changes depending on the season and stock.

Venue Mihara Farm(SETOUCHIJOZOJO Winery vinyard) / Takasakacho Mihara city Hiroshima Prefecture Japan
SETOUCHIJOZOJO Winery /2-5-16 Sunaminishi Mihara city Hiroshima Prefecture Japan
Acceptable period

Close day:Every Tuesday and Wednesday
Tour time:From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Repuired time

Approximately 3 hours including meals and wine pairing.
Payment method Cash only
Price per person
  • Children 15,000yen
  • Adult 25,000yen

No group discount

Tour capacity per tour. 10 people
Minimun number of participants 8 people
Reservation required
English correspondence There are no English-speaking staff,but correspondence in possible.
Parking 20 standard-sized cars and 5buses can be parked.
Parking fee is free.
Cancellation policy 20% of the total tour fee will be charged for cancellations after the 7th day before the tour date, 50% for cancellations after the 3rd day, and 100% for cancellations on the day.